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High Strain Dynamics develops strong working relationships with clients, serving as a strategic technical partner to assist them with product development, material testing, and process optimization.

Composite Tubes, Shafts and Mandrels

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Composite Tubes

High Strain Dynamics manufactures composite tubes in a variety of standard sizes. Our tubes provide a high-strength addition to your product and are ideal for many applications.

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Sail Industries

Custom Composite Tubes

We manufacture custom composite tubes that provide the high-strength and high-performance of our standard tubes but are designed to meet your specific requirements.

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Carbon Fiber Shafts

Carbon Fiber Shafts

High Strain Dynamics manufactures carbon fiber shafts that are designed to handle the most demanding applications and provide a high-strength solution for your products.

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Composite Mandrels

Custom Composite Mandrels

High Strain Dynamics manufactures custom mandrels to fit your exact specifications.

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High Strain Dynamics offers composite testing for your samples to determine the quality standards of your products and to ensure they meet your required specifications.

Our team of experts take careful consideration of your specifications to ensure accurate and precise results. 

Are you searching for composite tubes for your products? Contact our experts for more information on how our products may be the solution you are looking for.

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